Vodrážka s.r.o. | Výroba a dodávanie obrábaných, lisovaných a zváraných dielov pre automobilový a iný strojárenský priemysel.


Our Company came into existence in June 1993 and at present employs 65 employees.

We specialize in production and delivery of machined and pressed spare parts, as well as weldments for automobile and other machine industry.

Done success of a firm and good name for period of its existence are not set on a chance, but on a work system of the employees in the firm with the aim to satisfy clients.

Early in 2004 (March) our firm took in audit on certification successfully, under the requirements STN EN ISO 9001:2000, performed by the personnel of the company for certification RW-TÜV.

Activities connected with marketing, planning of production, direct material buying, receiving inspection, control of process during production, next vendor inspection and set-out of client are realized under the standard STN EN ISO 9001:2008.


The firm is particularly aimed at production of spare parts for automobile industry by cold production on power press in range of 10t – 250t, as well as on hyhraulic press 40t – 400t with hydraulic blankholders. In some eccentric press possibility of automatic feed of strip.

Cutting of plates into thickness 6.3 mm.

Manual, semi-automatiac as well as automatic welding on CNC welding machine (CO2, Argon).

Tube bending to a diameter 40mm by CNC bending machine.

Production on CNC miller DECKEL MAHO DMC 64V Linear in 3D system.

Surface treatment by wet coating with possibility of burning in the burning kiln.

EN Naše ciele a kvalita

Next aims:

  • the highest quality and management level
  • to expand production in area of welding, pressing and milling

Strategic aims:

  • to prepare the Company for the highest demands of clients and to give competitive position in the European market of the suppliers for automobile and other machine industry


  • Our company is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008. / EN 3834

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